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For more than 3,000 years human beings have protected their property with paints. These days, we have a choice of ready-made high gloss, silk matt and matt paints.

But at Evonik coatings mean more: whether heat-seal lacquers for yogurt containers, road markings, or crosslinkers for paints and colorants - the bandwidth of applications for products from Evonik is enormous.

For example, in hybrid powder coatings - a mixture of binders that is mainly used in indoor decorative coatings - matt hardeners help prevent discoloration.

If your yogurt is to remain fresh in its container, it needs a tight-fitting lid. Functional, methacrylate-based polymers ensure that the container is sealed.

Silica-based matting agents from Evonik can alter the surface in such a way that the light falling on it is scattered in a defined fashion. The matting agent particles stand out from the paint, invisible to the human eye. Neither the color of the paint nor, in the case of clear coatings, the base is changed to any great extent.

The competencies of Evonik's experts lie not only in the manufacture and marketing of solutions for coatings, but also in the support of our customers worldwide.

Evonik also has a system solution to manufacture scratch-resistant, coated, chemical-resistant injection molded structural components in one step. They do not have to be coated afterwards.