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Coatings and Colorants

Evonik is at home in the colorant, paint, and printing ink industries with a wide range of products.

Silicas with a varied application spectrum, for example, are used to harden coatings against scratches and ensure optimum rheology control. There are virtually no limits as regards the areas of application for standard and specialty binders from Evonik. Whether in heat sealing lacquers, industrial applications or to seal concrete, Evonik has the perfect solution for most applications.

Polyester resins from Evonik have been used as binders in can coatings for many years. The solutions from Evonik have proven their worth as protection against food acids and the associated health risks or to prevent abrasion and scratches on the outside of the packaging.

Products from Evonik are used inside and outside cars as binders in clear lacquers.

Methacrylate monomers in binders for coatings and colorants ensure high gloss, scratch resistance, and durability. Other specialty products from Evonik used in dispersion paints for outdoor use improve adhesion on weathered substrates.

When used as coatings, polyamide 12 powders protect metal surfaces, they are used to produce fiber composites and, as additives, they improve the properties of paints. Because of the optimized particle size distribution, these powders are especially suitable for non-porous coating of wire products, since they are resistant to abrasion and impact, are approved for contact with food and are durable and easy to clean. The coating dampens noise and makes the world more colorful: fluidized-bed powders are available in an array of colors, including metallic-effect colors. They are used on dishwashing racks, shopping carts and baskets, shelves, furniture, and in the sports industry.

Even though many additives are often used only in small quantities they still improve the quality and performance characteristics of the coating. For example, glide and flow additives and substrate wetting additives create even flow properties and an ideal surface smoothness.

Co-binders in many paints and printing inks improve drying behavior, flexibility, and adhesion. Film hardness and gloss can also be increased when they are used.