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Construction Material

Evonik offers a wide range of products for the construction industry.

Products from Evonik Industries protect exterior building surfaces against graffiti and damage caused by moisture - reliably and lastingly. A worthwhile investment, since well-protected masonry saves maintenance costs.

The wide range of silanes for building protection offers the ideal, durable solution for every mineral-based substrate: water repellents stop water penetrating structures such as bridges and multilevel parking blocks. Anti-graffiti materials protect surfaces especially against graffiti attacks.

In silicon resin paints and waterproofing products a special active ingredient protects historical buildings against pollution and decomposition. And for improved insulation in housing construction, hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) is used in sealing compounds in double and triple glazing. Chemical anchors with additives from Evonik also help anchor heavy loads in drilled holes securely and with no expansion pressure.

Roof and sealing membranes, construction profiles, tunnel films, flooring materials, and wallpaper as well as adhesives and sealing compounds achieve their flexibility through the plasticizers from Evonik. Popular applications for transparent special molding compounds are lightweight, permanently bright transparent roofs and glazing for patios, conservatories, and hot houses. 

Mineral-based insulation materials with silica offer the same insulation value as conventional materials with much less thickness and they are also impermeable to water vapor - which means that mold caused by rising damp doesn't stand a chance.