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Technologies for fast, mobile communication are conquering the world.

Cell phones and the Internet stand for globalization in more ways than one. They are a booming business worldwide and also promote global networking.

The information society would be virtually inconceivable without fast data transfer thanks to modern fiber optic technology. Information from all over the world reaches us through fiber optic cables - even from newly industrialized countries, where enormous populations are striving to catch up with the information age. Instead of following the development stages of the west, the emerging nations are making giant technology leaps. Cell phones especially help to network even remote regions.

Innovations from Evonik help the new information and communication technologies along. Apart from modern adhesive applications in lightweight inexpensive cell phones, light guide panels and cover glass made from transparent special molding compounds allow the production of especially flat, light and clear screens. Chlorosilanes in fiber optic cables also help to ensure extremely good fiber optic properties for particularly fast, trouble-free data transfer.