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Soft or hard, fine or strong – Evonik offers a wide range of high performance polymer materials for manufacturing filaments.

Filaments – for long-term functionality and high quality

The high performance polymers by Evonik are easily processible into various filaments qualities, allow a variety of dimensional modifications, and are easy to color.

Specific viscosity adjustments allow monofilaments of varying thicknesses to be produced efficiently. The balanced mechanical properties, low water absorption, and low abrasion of filaments made of VESTAMID® D make it perfect for toothbrush bristles as well as industrial applications such as abrasive filaments or high-tech filter fabrics. Their superior resilience compared to other monofilament materials ensures among others that the finished bristles do not lose their shape. As a result, the bristles remain fully functional for a long time.

Our VESTAMID® L (PA 12) grades for filaments are used in consumer goods applications like for music instruments or sport equipment. For high demanding filaments with high chemical resistance and or durable temperature our VESTAKEEP® (PEEK) or P84® polyimides are successful in use over many years in technical applications.