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In times, where many products are similar, their visual impact becomes increasingly important.

New, modern packaging materials offer virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to design and functionality.

Evonik turns packaging into a real eye catcher: special bonding agents are used in paints and printing inks and make a significant contribution in the printing of labels and packaging; others protect against corrosion, wear, and scratches. Under an environmental aspect, renewable raw materials, such as rapeseed and sugar are increasingly used in the development and manufacture of these products.

Recycled paper is an important raw material for paper. With products and solutions from Evonik, printing inks are separated from the recycled paper, allowing a valuable paper-making fiber to be recovered.

Raw materials in hot melt adhesives for packaging provide outstanding adhesive properties on many different base materials. Excellent adhesion, also on polypropylene, and high heat resistance are particular advantages. The large number of different types allows our customers to produce tailored adhesives to suit their own requirements.

Self-adhesive labels are produced using a siliconized carrier material on which UV-hardened silicones from Evonik ensure optimum separation of the label from the carrier material. Evonik`s silica improve the printability of packaging papers in terms of instant drying thus enabling faster print speeds as well as excellent color gamut and image resolution.

And in paper production, additives from Evonik in defoaming agents guarantee a smooth production process.