Pharmaceutical applications

Evonik supports patient-friendly healthcare through its diverse portfolio of products and services for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Evonik’s broad offering for pharmaceutical enterprises includes polymers for oral and parenteral drug delivery, both exclusive (custom) and standard APIs and intermediates, HPAPIs, highly purified amino acids and their derivatives, and much more. In addition, we leverage our extensive experience, expertise and technological resources to support our customers at any and every step of development and manufacturing.

Over the course of 60 years, we have become a recognized leader in functional coatings for oral drug formulations. Furthermore, we have acquired deep expertise in melt extrusion, particle engineering, and multiple-unit dosage forms. Our EUDRAGIT® brand of functional poly(meth)acrylates can be combined with our formulation technologies to create coatings with important target properties. These include taste masking, moisture protection, stomach acid (enteric) resistance, and controlled, delayed or extended drug release – in line with our customers’ specific needs.

Our technologies for parenteral drug delivery include our RESOMER® brand of bioresorbable polymers. These are key elements of many advanced depot formulations. RESOMER® is safely resorbed within the body after implantation or injection, and enables controlled drug release – with high precision even at low dosages, for greater efficacy and fewer side-effects. In addition, Evonik works closely with customers to create bioresorbable implants, lipid nanoparticles, polymeric microparticles, in-situ forming systems and micelles.

Evonik’s expertise extends to custom and standard active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) – such as keto acids, LOLA and chlorhexidine – plus HPAPIs and diverse intermediates – including phosphonium salts, benzophenones, boronic acids, plus amino acids and their derivatives. These amino acids are valuable precursor compounds for chiral substances, APIs, and more. Evonik provides suitable grades for diverse purposes: GMP grade for APIs and parenteral nutrition (i.e. injectables); high purity for specialized nutrition and medical applications; and a pure grade as the basis for the manufacture of APIs. We market these amino acids and derivatives for pharmaceutical applications under the REXIM® brand.

Cell culture media are vital to manufacturing drugs of highly reproducible quality. Only very pure, chemically defined products fulfill customer specifications and regulatory requirements. Evonik’s cQrex™ range provides a reliable foundation for creating cell culture media with a portfolio of highly purified amino acids, chemically defined boosters, customized media ingredients and application services. As cultivated human cells become ever more widely employed as therapeutic agents, this technology will gain in importance – for instance, for fighting cancer with CAR-T cells, for tissue engineering and for replacement organs. In addition to being animal-origin free, the portfolio is designed to enhance media formulation flexibility, improve cell culture performance and reduce process risks and costs.

Evonik is a strong partner for all these pharmaceutical applications. We support customers across the globe, and offer expert advice and end-to-end assistance – from feasibility studies and process development, to the supply of small volumes for clinical trials, to commercial scale-up. Evonik collaborates with pharmaceutical players to meet highly specific imperatives, for example for contract manufacturing of custom products. In all scenarios, we aim to add value, create competitive advantage, and help ensure long-term success.