Individual use of soft PVC - Evonik makes it possible.

As one of the most important producers of C4-based products for rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals, Evonik is also a manufacturer of plasticizers and their starting materials.

The oxo alcohol INA (isononanol) produced in our C4-Verbund serves as an essential raw material component for the production of plasticizers. As a global manufacturer of plasticizers, Evonik has succeeded in transforming the naturally brittle plastic "PVC" into a material that can be used individually. Thanks to its high flexibility, soft PVC is used in wallpapers, roof and tunnel membranes, hoses, profiles, cable insulation, tarpaulins, elastic floor coverings, adhesives, printing inks, and various automotive parts.

Due to increasing technical and environmental requirements for soft PVC applications, so-called high-molecular plasticizers are in particularly high demand. These plasticizers are characterized by good cold properties and low volatility and can be used for a wide range of applications. In addition, high-molecular plasticizers are among the most frequently investigated chemical substances and have been classified as risk-free in the tests carried out by the European Union.

With the help of our plasticizers such as ELATUR® CH, our universal plasticizer for demanding PVC applications, which enables direct body contact, or ELATUR® DPT, our fast gelling agent for special PVC applications such as individualized wall or floor coverings, polymer materials become flexible and supple in processing and use. 

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