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Evonik - Your partner for the food industry.

Evonik provides a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance products for a variety of applications and functionalities in the food industry. Our range of offerings steadily grows through constant development of new products and formulation technologies in the fields of flavor and taste, nutraceutical solutions, processing and technology and food packaging. We heavily invest in the food segment, which we recognize as one of our most important growth fields.

If you are looking for e.g. natural aroma extracts, flavor or color enhancer, amino acids, health ingredients, functional coatings, raising agents, improved powder flow, disinfection or sterilization, Evonik is your first choice and has a solution to meet the food industry challenges of today. 

We are committed to increasing the value of your food business as well as your brand through forward-looking technologies, products and services. 

CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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Salmon from aquaculture are playing an increasingly important role in nutrition. However, many other fish had to be caught to feed the salmon, which are carnivorous. This has since changed, as salmon now also eat algae.