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Evonik helps make healthcare patient-friendlier – through innovative products and services for diverse needs.

Evonik provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with a broad range of exclusive and standard APIs, HPAPIs, intermediates, cell culture media ingredients, polymers for oral and parenteral drug delivery, and more. We collaborate closely with customers to create both generic and custom products, and can assist at any stage of development or manufacturing.

Oral formulations require a specialized blend of knowledge and technologies. Functional coatings made with our EUDRAGIT® brand of polymers are key to ensuring orally administered APIs are released at the right location in the body, over the right timeframe. We can also develop formulations with properties such as taste masking, moisture protection, resistance to stomach acid, and extended release – and work hand-in-glove with manufacturers to tailor products to their specific requirements.

Our RESOMER® brand of biodegradable polymers is key to many parenteral depot formulations. It enables highly precise drug release, paving the way for lower dosages, improved efficacy and fewer side effects. After performing its function, RESOMER® is simply reabsorbed in the body. Evonik also offers a variety of other parenteral solutions, such as lipid nanoparticles, polymeric microparticles, in-situ forming systems and micelles.

Additionally, pharmaceutical companies partner with Evonik to make active ingredients (APIs) - such as keto acids, LOLA and chlorhexidine - and precursors, highly potent active ingredients (HPAPIs), and myriad intermediates – including phosphonium salts, benzophenones and boronic acids. Evonik’s REXIM® brand of amino acids and amino acid derivatives are a critical component in life-saving infusions, and in the production of many APIs. Moreover, Evonik offers diverse grades: GMP grade for APIs and parenteral nutrition; high purity for specialized nutrition and medical purposes; and a pure grade as the basis for APIs.

Amino acids and other highly purified products are also vital ingredients for cell culture. This cultivation of cells is increasingly important – for manufacturing drugs with highly reproducible quality, for fighting cancer, for tissue engineering, for growing replacement organs, and more. However, only very pure, chemically defined products comply with customer and regulatory requirements. Evonik provides the global cell culture industry with an animal-origin free portfolio of highly purified amino acids, chemically defined boosters, customized media ingredients and application services under its cQrex™ brand. With our expertise in cGMP, we also offer in-house manufacturing with an excellent degree of backward integration and highest purity standards to guarantee reproducibility.

Above all, our customers are our partners – we make every effort to provide solutions and services that meet their imperatives, including exclusive synthesis (contract manufacturing) of custom products. We offer expert, end-to-end advice and assistance, from feasibility studies and process development, to the supply of small volumes for clinical trials, to commercial scale-up. Leveraging our diverse technology portfolio, global presence and unique experience, we are well equipped to support the pharmaceutical industry.

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