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Evonik provides more than 7,000 products. Here you can find the array of them.

SEPURAN® (en, de, zh)

SEPURAN® modules are the new hollow fiber membrane modules from Evonik for efficient gas separation.

Silane-modified polymers (SMP) (en)

Flexible binder technology for premium sealants and adhesives.

SIPERNAT® (en, de, pt, zh)

SIPERNAT® - Improvement of Flowability and Caking Tendency.


The brand name Specialyst® stands for custom specific catalysts, where we leverage our core competencies in the context of a project. Evonik specializes in developing, scaling-up, and producing these sophisticated catalysts on a commercial scale.


Building on decades of process and product expertise, Evonik introduces the unique SPHERILEX® technology to produce novel spherical silica.


With our broad range of additives, performance enhancers, selected binder systems and base materials, Evonik has solutions for all kinds of adhesives and sealants.

Siridion® (en, de)

Siridion® is the world’s leading chlorosilane brand for the optical fibers industry.

SiYPro™ (en)

SiYPro™ Performance Additives: Simplify Your Process with our antifoulants for monomer production.

SUNMIDE® (en, zh)

Polyamide and amidoamine curing agents for use across all major epoxy applications.

Superabsorber (en)

Superabsorbents can absorb and hold up to 500 times their own weight in liquids.


Curing agent for use in high humid environments.

TAC/TAICROS® Crosslinkers (en)

TAC/TAICROS® products are used especially successfully in the plastics, rubber and photovoltaic industry.

TEGO® (en, de, es, ja, us, zh)

TEGO stands for additives, hydro-phobing agents, co-binders and heat-resistant silicone binders.

TEGO® RC Silicones (en)

Radiation curing silicones (free-radical and cationic) for release liners in the hygiene, label and tape industries.

Textile Auxiliaries (en)

Specialty softeners for textile finishing, antifoams/defoamers, additives for spin finishes, emulsifiers and foaming agents for the textile industry.

Tissue Additives (en)

Specialty softener/debonders for tissue and fluff pulp, suitable for wet end, spray-on or converting applications, as well as defoamer boosters for pulp defoamers.

TMT 15® (en, de)

TMT 15® stands for Environmentally friendly separation of heavy metals from waste water.

TROGAMID® (en, de)

TROGAMID® - clearly convincing polyamides.

ULTRASIL® (en, de, pt, zh)

The ULTRASIL® line offers a broad range of particle sizes and performance benefits to suit the specific needs of our customers.

VESTAGON® (en, zh)

Blocked polyisocyanates and crosslinkers for powder coating.

VESTAKEEP® (en, de)

VESTAKEEP® PEEK is a high performance plastic for future technologies.

VESTALITE® (en, zh)

Epoxy and PUR based resin formulations for automotive lightweight solutions.

VESTAMID® (en, de)

VESTAMID®: Polyamides in a Custom-Made Suit - consistent in processing, versatile in design.

VESTAMIN® (en, zh)

Curing agents for epoxy resins systems, chain extender for PUR systems and raw material for polyamides.

VESTANAT® (en, zh)

Aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PUR resins and elastomers / Cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for extremely durable coatings.


Silane-urethane hybrid crosslinkers for scratch-resistant coatings.

VESTASOL® (en, zh)

Specialty solvents and intermediates for the coatings and printing ink industry.


VESTENAMER® is the world's most versatile rubber additive. The polyoctenamer solves various problems in rubber compounding and processing.

VESTODUR® (en, de)

VESTODUR® - Specialty polybutylene tereph-thalate compounds.

VESTOPLAST® (en, zh)

With VESTOPLAST® Evonik offers amorphous poly-alpha-olefins (APAO)as raw materials for thermoplastic hot melts. They are especially used in the hygiene, packaging, woodworking and automotive industy.

VESTOSINT® (en, de)

VESTOSINT® - custom tailored for films, coatings, or composites

VESTOWAX® (en, zh)

With VESTOWAX® Evonik offers synthetic FT-waxes produced by Fischer-Tropsch-Process. The value additive for various applications, e.g. hot melts for paper and packaging.


More than 40 specialty methacrylates, offering a versatile toolbox to solve challenges in a broad range of applications.


Our whitening expert can take away modern day stains and leave you with the freshest, brightest smiles. Guarantee a boosted clean while delivering on performance.


ZEOFREE® products are used as an anti-caking agent, carrier, stabilizer, defoamer, rheology controller, microplastic replacement, and numerous others. Our product portfolio offers a specialized product for almost every challenge.