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    Further information about ORTEGOL® products will be provided on our internet pages for polyurethane additives.

  • Oxitrol®

    The OXITROL® CN Analyzer measures the CN-WAD concentration on-line. It can analyze, monitor and control cyanides in a very wide range from 0.05 to 50 mg/l CN-WAD and higher. This system can especially be helpful in meeting cyanide limits as regulated by the ICMC, for example. The measured values correspond almost exactly to the ones yielded by the ISO/DIN-method.

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  • OxyForce®

    OxyForce® enhances the supply of molecular oxygen into the skin, leading to reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and improved skin smoothness. Oxygen is a critical component for collagen production, but the oxygen partial pressure of skin naturally decreases with age. This product is supportive of the skin’s natural collagen production process through replenishment of oxygen in the skin.

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