Microbial fermentation

Evonik has served as a reliable fermentation partner to pharmaceutical companies, as well as other market innovators who are seeking to industrialize disruptive biofabrication technologies within markets such as advanced foods or nature-identical materials:

  • 4000m3 fermentation capacity across six sites in the EU, U.S. and Asia
  • Flexible downstream processing pilot plant in Slovakia
  • >30 years of expertise in microbial fermentation and biocatalytic technologies
  • >25 commercial products based on fermentation
  • Expertise across pharma, advanced food ingredients and nature-identical materials

Scope of Application

Evonik has a strong record of supporting pharmaceutical and food companies across a broad range of product classes where microbial fermentation technologies are required for biotransformation. Areas of industry excellence for small molecules includes amino acids and non-natural derivatives, secondary metabolites, natural substances and fatty acids. For complex molecules, we specialize in oligosaccharides, biosurfactants, enzymes, peptides and proteins as well as nucleotides. Other areas of expertise include whole organisms such as probiotics and whole cell catalysts.

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