Reaching the best

Evonik aims to develop the best solutions for the challenges that face our world. In order to do that, it needs the best minds - and it uses innovative methods to attract them.

Thomas Wessel, Evonik's Chief Human Resources Officer and Industrial Relations Director
Thomas Wessel, Evonik's Chief Human Resources Officer and Industrial Relations Director

“Evonik believes that business success and social responsibility go hand in hand - for the benefit of our employees and society in general. The pandemic has shown us yet again that we live up to this responsibility by working together. This is confirmed by our goal: to be a provider of solutions for the major challenges of the future - or, as our statement of purpose puts it, ‘Leading beyond chemistry.’”

For the 2020/2021 trainee year, Evonik has strengthened its focus on digital recruitment through its cooperation with suitable influencers. In the live game show “I know something you don’t” YouTubers answered quiz questions in various categories, including chemistry. The five gamers from the PietSmiet influencer group rushed to answer the questions about Evonik products. This virtual event, which was viewed by 70,000 visitors, was a resounding success. The Group’s global Instagram channel has been at least as successful. Here too, thousands of users follow Evonik. The Instagram Takeovers, in which employees all over the world talk about their daily work, are especially popular. “Our target group of young people use social media, especially YouTube and Instagram, as a major source of information,” says Thomas Wessel, Chief Human Resources Officer and Industrial Relations Director. “In our campaigns we address them via these channels and combine our message with our traditional offers of information to potential trainees on our careers website.” Another way to attract the best minds is the trainee podcasts on YouTube. In six entertaining episodes, trainees and trainers talk about their career paths and their daily work at Evonik and offer exclusive insights into the broad range of training opportunities. There’s even more Evonik spirit at #MyJobIn60seconds, where employees explain their jobs at Evonik - in 60 seconds.

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