Materiality analysis

Sustainability AT EVONIK


Our sustainability activities are oriented on the results auf our materiality analysis. With this analysis we identify and prioritize important sustainability topics.

From the very first we involved external and internal stakeholders in our materiality analysis, which we conducted in 2015. The second step was the involvement of internal sustainability experts, representatives of relevant corporate functions and representatives of the workforce. Then the results of the materiality analysis were presented to the decision-making bodies and the Executive Board.   

In 2016 we validated the results of our materiality analysis based on further talks with stakeholders, internal departments and in a workshop. So its relevance was confirmed. 

Sustainability Report 2016

Would you like to find out more? Download our current Sustainability Report here.

You find more information about our materiality analysis on page 18 and the following pages.

Sustainability Report 2016  (pdf, 5.76 MB)

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