Materiality analysis

Sustainability AT EVONIK


Our sustainability activities are systematically aligned to materiality.


Corporate Responsibility Relations

Our sustainability activities are systematically aligned to materiality. Our sustainability topics are based on the themes identified in our materiality analysis in 2015. We reviewed, validated, and in some cases revised these themes in a wide range of stakeholder dialogues and discussions with internal experts in 2016 and 2017. As a result, we added digitalization, biodiversity, and the circular economy as new topics. The concept and the results of this validation are presented annually to the CR Panel for approval.
In 2018 we validated our materiality analysisextensively to make prioritization even more meaningful. The scope of our stakeholder survey in 2018 was broadened considerably compared with previous years and stakeholders were asked about the most important sustainability issues for Evonik. A distinction was made between stakeholders with direct and indirect influence; see chart C05. The participants at our stakeholder dialogues formed the basis for our survey.
In addition, we asked internal experts, employee representatives, and specialists from the Evonik regions for their opinions. Particular attention was paid to both positive and negative impacts of Evonik’s business activities along the value chain.