Sustainability at Evonik

Stakeholder Dialogue

We are convinced that only companies that act responsibly, enjoy people’s trust, and are open to continuous improvement  can be successful in the long term. That includes listening  very carefully to the concerns of our stakeholders.

We  actively seek interaction so we can respond rapidly to key  future trends, global developments, and changing market  requirements. Consequently, over the past year we once  again ensured there was plenty of scope for dialogue with  our stakeholders.
We differentiate our stakeholders by those having a direct impact and those having an indirect impact.

We have systematically refined our engagement with stakeholders in recent years. This has ranged from analyzing and clustering the stakeholder groups of relevance to us to stringent process documentation. Among other things, this helps us in the regular validation of our materiality analysis. We have developed various formats for our dialogue with stakeholders. These help us engage with both direct and indirect stakeholders. Evonik’s regions and their wide-ranging contacts are included in this. At the same time, we take care to ensure the widest possible coverage of operational, political, social, and community perspectives.