Stakeholder Dialogue


Sustainability at Evonik

Dialogue with our stakeholders is a central part of our sustainability management. By exchanging views with our stakeholders, we understand their perceptions of Evonik and the challenges of our time better and utilize this to challenge our own positions and actions.

As early as possible, we identify possible risks and opportunities for Evonik, coming from market developments and new trends. The results of our stakeholder dialogues influence our business decisions. This enables us to match our products and solutions to our customers and markets.

We differentiate our stakeholders by those having a direct impact and those having an indirect impact.

Dialogue with our stakeholders takes place both at operational level - for example, with customers and suppliers - and at Group level through associations and advocacy groups.

The concrete setup of the stakeholder dialogues depends on the target goup and the specific topic. When selecting the topics, we take into consideration our materiality analysis and utilize the dialogues to verify and validate the analysis. By this continuous review we strive to achieve an ongoing improvement and development of our stakeholder engagement.

We more and more integrate the Evonik Regions with their manifold stakeholder contacts in order to promote sustainability topics. Depending on the cultural specifics of the respective regions, we set differing priorities. Of particular relevance seem to be overarching topics such as education/training or activities which strengthen local cooperation and infrastructure. We strive to further enhance the cooperation with the regions regarding stakeholder dialogues.  


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