We see diversity as a key to corporate success. Diversity means fostering creativity, trying out new things, and better understanding the needs of our customers.

For us, diversity means utilizing the whole spectrum of experiences, competencies and views, which our employees bring along in their daily work. The diversity of disciplines pursued during training, experience of several organizational units or functional areas, and mixed-age teams are equally important to us.

Mirroring different expectations, attitudes and perspectives in our markets and society, is an important driver for competitiveness and innovation power. Our diversity strategy includes gender networks, WoMentoring and clear diversity targets for executives.

With the establishment of our Diversity Council, diversity is now is now firmly anchored in the organization of Evonik’s top management. The Diversity Council is a high-caliber body comprising members of the Executive Board and executives from various organizational units. It coordinates the ongoing development of our diversity strategy and the implementation of effective measures for the entire Group.