Our ESHQ-management system

Evonik utilizes a comprehensive integrated ESHQ-management system which is binding globally. The management system is based on statutory and normative frameworks as well as internal regulations. It thus supports a continuous improvement process regarding environmental performance. 

Our management system for the environment, safety, health and quality applies to the entire Evonik Group.

As a result of the necessary start-up and preparatory phase for new units, the proportion of output covered by ISO 14001 validation varies. However, it is always between 95 and 100 pe We monitor the implementation of the Group-wide strategy and the binding management system with a central audit system.

Our management parameters are monitored regularly with a central sustainability reporting system (SuRe), which contains a wide range of data on emissions into the air, water management, and waste management. Overall, we compile more than 50 production- and plant-related sustainability indicators.

Our environmental targets

Relative to the year 2012, we want to reduce

  • specific greenhouse gas emissions from 2013 to 2020 by 12 percent
  • specific water intake from 2013 to 2020 by 10 percent.

In addition, we want to further reduce production wastes.

Our present environmental targets are for the period  until 2020 and the target reduction in specific greenhouse 
gases will be achieved before then. Therefore, we defined  new environmental targets in the reporting period. 

We are aiming for an absolute reduction in scope 1 and 2  emissions of 50 percent by 2025, compared with the level in  2008 (status of implementation in 2018: 30 percent). This affirms our commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.