Governance & Compliance

Human Rights

Evonik looks at human rights at all stages in the value chain, including suppliers, its own processes, and customer applications. Our actions are based on the Code of Conduct for Evonik employees, our Global Social Policy, and the Executive Board’s Policy Statement on Human Rights.

The demands made on our suppliers are set out in a separate code of conduct. We regularly check compliance through our supplier validation and evaluation processes.

The existing internal whistleblower system for compliance violations is supplemented by an external whistleblower system operated by a third, independent party on behalf of Evonik. Potential violations of human rights can also be reported there by employees or external parties (e.g. neighbors, suppliers, customers). Corporate Responsibility investigates any such reports.

We have developed are human rights risk map for Evonik on the basis of a wide range of human rights indicators. The map is continuously updated and forms the basis for further preventive measures.

In addition, Evonik has stepped up its commitment to the German Global Compact Network and has been a member of the steering committee since fall 2017.

To prevent child labour, we request the age of our employees in the recruitment process. Our youngest employee will be 16 years old in 2020 and is currently in vocational training.

You will find the Policy Statement on Human Rights here: