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The Evonik Sustainability Report 2019 has been published. The report has a fresh and reader-friendly new look with an enhanced content.

The introduction to each chapter in the 2019 report provides an overview of selected performance indicators. The content of the report is aligned to the areas of action: strategy and growth, compliance and governance, value chain and products, employees, the environment, and safety. Each chapter provides concise information on key aspects, backed up by detailed information on targets and their attainment. This in response to the growing interest of the capital markets in non-financial indicators.

“The measurability of our sustainability activities is very important to us,” says Thomas Wessel, the executive board member responsible for sustainability. “Attention should also be drawn to the results of our sustainability analysis, which we use to systematically examine and evaluate our portfolio.”

Furthermore, Evonik wants to understand the economic, ecological, and social impacts of its business activities. “It's not just good for our stakeholders and employees that Evonik exists; it's also good for the economy around all our sites worldwide,” says Wessel. Because every €1 added value generated by Evonik means €1.82 in public revenue; every job created by Evonik means 7.9 jobs along the value chain.

The sustainability topics that have particularly high priority according to Evonik's stakeholders are: sustainable products/solutions, climate change, and efficient use of scare resources/circular economy. Four case studies illustrate how Evonik is addressing the associated challenges.

Information on how our business activities contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be found throughout the report.

In view of the growing importance of non-financial reporting, Thomas Wessel is pleased that the financial report and sustainability report are being published together at the financial press conference on March 4, 2020. “The faster reporting process is quite challenging for all employees in the functions involved. Therefore, they have earned our special thanks.”

The sustainability report 2019 which is only available as a digital publication in English and German can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

We hope you enjoy reading.