Sustainability Strategy 2020+

The Sustainability Strategy 2020+ was developed in constant dialogue with our stakeholders. Our materiality analysis and the Sustainable Development Goals have been incorporated into this strategy.

Our sustainability strategy is an expression of our ambition to become the best-in class specialty chemicals company worldwide. We have set ourselves ambitious environmental goals with the understanding to translate sustainability into profitability.

The following building blocks are at the center of our Sustainability Strategy 2020+:

  • New environmental targets and introduction of carbon pricing
  • · Integrating sustainability into strategic management processes
  • · Systematic on the impact of our business activities along the value chain
  • · continuous improvement of our sustainability reporting
  • Giving sustainability a firm place in Evonik’s market proposition and purpose

We are convinced that there are close links between environmental protection and sustainability, growth and prosperity. The interest of key stakeholders in corporate sustainability is also growing. We respond to this with extensive transparency and soundly based analytical methods.

Alongside potential future opportunities and risks, this highlights the value created for society by Evonik’s business activities.