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Partnerships to Reach the Goals

SDG 17:


The committed collaboration of all political and social powers will be needed in order to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Combating poverty and hunger, promoting health, education and good work, and ultimately protecting the natural resources of our planet – all of these are tasks and demands that far exceed the possibilities of individual players. As an industrial company, Evonik is in the middle of the value chain. We know about the special value and creative potential that lie in strategic partnerships and close collaboration with customers, suppliers, science, and industry initiatives. 

Evonik’s contribution:

Among other things, we contribute these experiences in our work as a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). We actively support its Vision 2050, according to which about nine billion people should be able to live well and in harmony with the planet’s limited resources. We are also involved in the climate initiative of the WBCSD, the Low Carbon Technologies Partnerships Initiative. Evonik’s involvement in networks also comprises many national and international best practice groups and initiatives. These include the following activities:

• As a signatory to the Responsible-Care® Global Charter of the chemical industry, we are obligated to continuously improve our performance in health and environmental protection, product stewardship, and safety.

• By joining the UN Global Compact, Evonik has obligated itself to respect and promote human and employees’ rights, to prevent discrimination, to protect mankind and the environment, and to combat corruption within its sphere of influence.

• As one of the founding members of the chemical industry initiative “Together for Sustainability”, Evonik promotes transparency and sustainability in the supply chain.

• Evonik is a member of econsense, a group of German companies that are active all around the world, and Chemie3, the sustainability initiative of the chemical industry in Germany.

Apart from further cooperations on industry and association levels, close collaboration with our customers and other external partners is essential for us. Our goal is to be involved as much as possible in our customers’ value chain. This allows us to coordinate our processes in research and development, production, marketing, and sales optimally and align it to the requirements of our customers. We also gain points of contact outside established markets and customer relationships from our venture capital activities and from our Industry Cross Innovations department.

But to maintain our extensive partnership relationships, we also have to communicate intensively with the various stakeholder groups of Evonik. This helps us understand global, regional, and local sustainability issues better. Structured dialog formats help us consider and implement different aspects and expectations in our business. For example, Evonik deals with local issues at its worldwide sites and supports local residents in development and environmental projects.