SGB 5 Mann Frau Labor

Gender Equality

SDG 5:


Gender equality is an inviolable human right. It is also extremely important for continued social and economic success. Relinquishing this right means accepting the loss of skills, talent, and ideas, and, consequently, losing competitive advantages and future opportunities.Over the past years, many countries have achieved remarkable progress in terms of gender equality, as established by the World Economic Forum in the Global Gender Gap Report 2017. However, the report also states that since the report was first published in 2006, worldwide there have been some steps backward for the first time as regards gender parity.
In its study, The Pursuit of Gender Equality: An Uphill Battle, published in 2017, the OECD determined that young women now spend more time at school than young men but still fewer women than men study scientific subjects. In all OECD countries, more men than women have paid employment. The social reality is also that women, as opposed to men, very often have part-time jobs, do not receive the same pay for the same job, and have less chance of being promoted to a management position than their male co-workers.
The World Economic Forum and the OECD also determined that more progress is urgently needed regarding gender equality.

Evonik’s contribution: 

Evonik believes that diversity is a key to success in business. Diversity fosters creativity, encourages people to try out new things, and also helps companies better understand the needs of their customers. For us, diversity is more than just focusing on origin and gender. Different subjects in training, experience in several organizational units and functional areas as well as mixed-age teams are just as important. People from 110 nations contribute their different perspectives to the everyday work at Evonik.Among other things, our diversity strategy aims to get more women into the company – especially into responsible positions. Evonik does this through its Group-wide network “WoMen@Work” and with its mentoring program “WoMentoring”.
With the traveling exhibition “VerSiert”, Evonik is the first company in the chemical industry to take a closer look at the role of women and female role models in the company’s history. On the Intranet, the “Frauensicht” [From a woman’s viewpoint] series gives some insights into the world of experience of the female decision-makers in the company – for example, from the areas of production, research, administration, and training.
As a family-friendly company, Evonik places importance on a good work-life balance and supports its employees with child care facilities such as day care centers, care of close relatives, and flexible working time models. Numerous offerings are developed by the employees, employee representatives, and management and are then recorded in Group company agreements. These offerings are continuously expanded. 
35 percent of Evonik’s 20-member Supervisory Board are women. Consequently, Evonik exceeds the 30 percent quota demanded in the German Law on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Executive Positions.
The proportion of women in the Executive Board of Evonik is 25 percent, which corresponds to the percentage of women in the entire company (24.9%). The proportion of women in management increased further from 2015 to 2017. It is Evonik’s declared aim to increase the share of female managers.