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Products to increase Sustainability

Evonik's innovative products, systems and solutions enhance sustainable development and the company works closely with customers to build on this. Market-oriented research and development play an important role. Here you can find examples of Evonik's resource-saving products and solutions.

More power, less fuel

DYNAVIS® technology by Evonik targets the lifeblood of construction equipment—hydraulic fluid.

Environmental protection on the road

DEGAROUTE® road markings increase safety and treat the environment with care.

More efficiency in the trough

Amino acids from Evonik as animal feed additives save valuable resources and protect the environment.

All in the green zone

Evonik is a supplier to offer the tire industry the silica-organosilane reinforcing system, which crucially determines tire tread performance.

Biogas from spaghetti?

Membranes from Evonik upgrade biogas, generated from renewable raw materials, simply and efficiently.

The tree of life

The argan tree is one of the rarest plants on earth. STOCKOSORB® from Evonik could help it survive.