Our impacts on environment, Economy and society

Impact Analysis

Evonik‘s business activities have positive and negative impacts on the environment, the economy, and society. We use an impact valuation to regularly measure and analyze the direct and indirect impact of our business activities from an economic, ecological, and social perspective.

This procedure provides an insight into

  • the scale of the ecological, social, and macroeconomic impactof our corporate activities;
  • Evonik’s benefits for society as a whole; and
  • the key levers to reduce unwanted impacts and maximize desirable impacts along our value chain.

We pay special attention to the macroeconomic contributions and ecological and social impact of our business activities in our regions.

Our impact valuation is based on the input-output-outcomeimpact (IOOI) model, which takes account of the input of resources and the measurable outcomes of corporate activity along the value chain. In addition, short- and long-term impacts are derived, measured along the value chain, and evaluated.

Monetary valuation

A monetary value is assigned to individual indicators such as continuing development of employees, global warning, and so on, so they can be compared. Most of the factors used for this are publicly available and have been developed by well-known economic, environmental, and social research institutes.