Our impacts on environment, Economy and society

Impact Analysis

Evonik‘s business activities have positive and negative impacts on the environment, the economy, and society. With our impact analysis we are calculating key influences along our value chainin monetary terms.

In this way we can reliably describe our positive and negative contribution to the sustainable development of society, and foster postive and reduce undesirable negative effects.

What is an impact analysis ?

With the impact analysis we analyze the direct and indirect impact ouf our business activities from an economic, ecological and social perspective. The impact valuation was first applied to our value chain in Germany in 2017 and was extended to other regions in 2018. In each case, the analysis was based on the figures for 2016.

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What happens next?

In 2019 we will finalize the Evonik world-model. In addition we will update our analysis and our statements on the basis of the financial year 2018.