Value Chain & Products


Evonik uses microorganisms for both biocatalytic and fermentative production processes.

With the aid of biotechnology, these microorganisms are optimized in such a way that they

  • deliver large quantities of the desired product as a metabolite in a fermentation process
  • or, also in large quantities, produce an enzyme that is used as a biocatalyst in the production process
  • or implement educts highly specifically for a desired product through whole cell biotransformation.

    Evonik avails itself of the opportunities offered by this technology to develop efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes for our products. These are used to develop substances that are difficult or impossible to access with traditional chemical methods. Biotechnology also enables Evonik to understand its own products better and optimize them.
    Responsible, safe use of this technology is self-evident for Evonik, therefore we are committed to appropriate guidelines.