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Global product Strategy (GPS)

The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) initiated the Global Product Strategy (GPS) campaign to contribute to the globally safe and appropriate management of chemicals. Evonik explicitly supports this initiative.

The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) initiated the Global Product Strategy (GPS) to contribute to safe and appropriate management of chemicals worldwide. Evonik actively supports this initiative.Germany is playing a key role as it currently holds the presidency of the SAICM conference. Hazardous waste and pollution have been identified as important topics for the future. The debate focuses principally on emerging policy issues, i.e. issues that should be given greater international attention:

• Lead in paints
• Chemicals in products
• Hazardous substances in the lifecycle of electrical and electronic products
• Nanotechnology and nanomaterials
• Endocrine disruptors (substances that damage hormone systems)
• Drug residues in the environment

The Global Product Strategy is the chemical industry’s contribution to the SAICM process. It aims to establish global standards for product stewardship and to ensure broad dissemination of information on the safe handling and use of chemical substances. That includes improving transparency in the value chain and a willingness to make generally understandable information available to the public in the form of GPS Safety Summaries.

Numerous CEOs of major corporations are expected to attend a parallel event.

Evonik provides such product information (Safety Summaries) on its corporate website:

All Safety Summaries are linked to the ICCA GPS website.

In addition, Evonik actively participates in various GPS projects funded by the EU Commission such as Capacity Building and Train the Trainer. It is also involved in the ICCA Chemicals Policy and Health Group steering committee.
Last but not least, transparent and harmonized criteria and processes for chemicals management are an important basis for the safe use of chemical products worldwide. This will reduce the work involved in meting different systems around the world (see GHS).