Specialty Additives

Sleep well

Invitation to relax on eco-friendly and comfortable mattresses in which Evonik is set out. 

Restful sleep goes particularly well on mattresses made by Evonik. They unroll particularly quickly, adapt perfectly to the body, and, thanks to Evonik, will also be sustainable soon.  

ORTEGOL® 700 additives quickly bring roll mattresses back into shape 

With the PU additives of the ORTEGOL® 700 series, rolled mattresses unfold their original volume within a very short time after unpacking, so that nothing gets in the way of relaxation. In addition, the additives improve the properties of compressed foams after long periods of storage and transport and optimize aging resistance to heat and moisture. The properties of Evonik's PU additives are also already useful in mattress production. They enable compressed foam blocks to be processed quickly.

Polyurethane foam additives from Evonik ensure optimum recovery on soft foam mattresses 

As you make your bed, so you lie in it, and the right mattress plays a decisive role in this. Viscoelastic mattresses made of polyurethane (PU) foam ensure restful and healthy sleep - thanks to their special ability to adapt individually to the resting body. Thanks to their cell-stabilizing and cell-regulating properties, the PU additives from Evonik cause the mattress to gently mold to the body. Under pressure and heat, the foam mattresses gently yield and thus relieve the body. In addition, they are not only soft, but also real lightweights and therefore easy to turn. Foams are among the best insulating mattress materials, staying cool and keeping warm.

Efficient method of recycling mattresses 

Lazing around an environmental sin? About 40 million mattresses are disposed of each year in Europe alone, most of which end up in landfills. This corresponds to a waste volume of around 600 kilotons - of which more than 300 kilotons are PU foam. To make disposal more sustainable, Evonik has developed an efficient chemical recycling process that allows complete recovery of the polyol raw material from PU mattresses. Evonik's hydrolysis process thus enables a functioning circular economy in the PU flexible foam industry. Together with The Vita Group, a leading supplier of high-quality flexible PU foam products, Evonik will test the process on a larger scale. It has the potential to recycle the main raw materials of flexible PU foams and offers significantly higher use of the recycled polyol in new products compared with technologies already available on the market.

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