Press release
July 8, 2015

Special PLEXIGLAS® grades for illuminated signs

In Spain, Evonik Performance Materials GmbH has joined hands with TKPI, 3M and Sloan LED to launch a competition for illuminated signage companies. TKPI will be responsible for running the competition.
The aim is to achieve better positioning of the special PLEXIGLAS® grades for illuminated signs on the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The competition involves combining special PLEXIGLAS® grades with 3M and Sloan LED products in order to create perfect signage applications. Signage manufacturers from Spain and Portugal can apply to enter innovative signage projects that use both special PLEXIGLAS® grades as well as products from 3M and Sloan LED.
Winners of the competition will receive their awards at the TKPI tradeshow booth at C!Print in Madrid this October.