Sustainability at Evonik

Sustainability Organization and Management

The executive board bears overall responsibility for sustainability at Evonik. Direct responsibility is assigned to the chief human resources officer, who is also responsible for all climate-related aspects.

We have defined responsibility for sustainability management in a corporate policy.

Given the increasing significance of sustainability for Evonik, in fall 2020, we started to integrate it methodically into our corporate strategy. The strategic management process and the strategic objectives adopted for each business through a strategy dialogue with the executive board now include all key sustainability aspects and form the strategic framework for sustainability management. Following approval by the executive board, specific sustainability measures are implemented at business level by the operating units in close consultation with the Strategy and Sustainability functions. The Sustainability function coordinates the annual review of the sustainability targets for the individual businesses.

Group-wide sustainability projects are coordinated by a CR Panel chaired by the head of Sustainability. The members are the heads of other relevant functions and representatives of the divisions. The CR Panel meets at least twice a year, as defined in its rules of procedure. Content is prepared by the global corporate responsibility committee, which also supports the operational structuring of sustainability issues for the Evonik Group. Where necessary, further expertise is provided by project-based CR expert circles. Following the introduction of the new corporate structure in the reporting period, the corporate policy and governance of our sustainability activities will be reviewed in 2021.