On this page, we publish Evonik's policy papers to ensure sustainable action within the company.

Addressing climate change issues

Climate change is one of the pressing global challenges that requires urgent and concerted action to mitigate its effects and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. At Evonik, we are taking on this challenge.

Promoting sustainable water practices

Water is crucial for the manufacture of our products, but also as a medium along the production chain. In the chemical industry, water is used as a coolant and cleaning agent as well as a component of products. Against this backdrop, Evonik has long been committed to highly efficient water use and sustainable water use along our value chain, especially at its production sites.

Promoting Circular Economy; improving waste management

Circular Economy is a systems approach involving industrial processes and economic
activities along the whole value chain that are restorative or regenerative by design,
aiming for a climate-neutral and resource-efficient economy by maintaining the value
of products, materials, and resources as long as possible.