Good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages


Living healthily and promoting well-being for all people at all ages is important to develop prosperous societies. Despite the enormous progress that has been made in improving the health and well-being of people over the past years, inequality still exists with regard to accessing health care.
Companies can help by looking after and promoting the health and well-being of their own employees and by driving progress in medical technology through products and solutions.

Examples of our contribution

  • We are strategic partners of companies that produce pharmaceuticals, food supplements, and medical products. Evonik supports them with tailored products, technologies, and services – for both conventional and new therapies.
  • At Evonik, occupational, process, and logistics safety are always more important than sales and profits. This holistic approach includes employees, work situation, products, operational environment, and the handling and use of substances.
  • Continuous improvement in health protection for our employees is part of our responsible actions and our voluntary commitment to Responsible Care. This includes medical emergency management in the company, occupational medicine, company healthcare and promotion, and support for our employees in personal emergency situations. Health care and promotion are elements of the Group initiative “well@work”.
  • We measure progress in the area of occupational health with the Occupational Health Performance Index, which is calculated from two parameters each in the areas of occupational medicine, health promotion, and medical emergency care. This index is used for continuous improvement.

Our Targets

  • Occupational Health Performance Index of ≥ 5.0 defined.

Target reached: 2022 the OHPI was 5,5

  • Accident frequency should be ≤ 0.26 accidents involving Evonik employees  resulting in absences
    of at least one full shift per 200,000 working hours.

Target reached: 2022 the accident frequency was 0.25