Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.


Economic growth, social development and climate action are heavily dependent on investments in infrastructure, sustainable industrial development and technological progress.

Innovations play a key role in aligning Evonik systematically with sustainability and profitable growth. In this way, we are also helping our customers to achieve their own climate protection, circularity, and biodiversity objectives.

Examples of our contribution

R&D activities are managed by our RD&I function. This comprises the R&D teams of the growth divisions, innovation management, Creavis as a business incubator and strategic research unit, and Evonik Venture Capital. It comprises more than 40 sites worldwide with around 2,700 R&D employees. In 2022, R&D expenditures amounted to €460 million.

The three growth divisions (Nutrition & Care, Smart Materials and Specialty Additives) focus on six innovation growth fields:

  • Sustainable Nutrition: establishing new products and services for sustainable nutrition of livestock and people.
  • Healthcare Solutions: developing new materials for implants, as components of cell culture media, and for custom-tailored, innovative drug formulations.
  • Advanced Food Ingredients: creating a portfolio of health-enhancing substances and nutritional supplements as a contribution to healthy nutrition.
  • Membranes: extending SEPURAN® technology for efficient gas separation to further applications.
  • Cosmetic Solutions: developing further products based on natural sources for cosmetics and sensorially optimized formulations for skincare products.
  • Additive Manufacturing: developing products and technol­ogies for additive manufacturing.


Creavis serves the Evonik Group as an innovation driver for resource-saving solutions with a perspective that goes beyond 2025. In this role, it develops transformative innovations beyond the product and market focus of the operational units. Creavis bundles its activities in three incubation clusters:

  • Defossilation cluster helps industries become less dependent on fossil raw materials by developing high-growth solutions that make a contribution to the transition to a circular, climate-neutral economy.
  • Life Sciences cluster focuses on novel concepts for resource-saving and sustainable food production for the world’s continuously growing population. Another focal area is preventing and curing diseases, especially as many people are living to an advanced age.
  • Beyond Chemistry fosters traceable, secure, and circular value chains based on domain knowledge and data-based solutions. These increase the transparency, effec­tiveness, and sustainability of industrial systems.

Our targets

Research, development & innovation

  • Generate more than €1 billion in additional sales 1 in our six innovation growth fields by 2025.

Product stewardship

  • Add substances/products from acquisitions to the Chemicals-Management-System (CMS/CMSPLUS) and process them by the end of 2023.

Circular economy

  • Generate more than €350 million in additional sales with solutions for the circular plastics economy from 2030. Solutions for around 400,000 metric tons of recyclable plastics by 2025.