Value Chain & Products

Supply Chain & Raw Materials

With our purchasing volume, we have a significant influence on society and the environment. We are aware of this responsibility. Through the careful selection of suppliers, we not only ensure or increase their own sustainability standards, but also the quality of the entire value chain.


On the one hand, we focus on validating and evaluating suppliers, while on the other, we specifically
monitor suppliers of certain critical raw materials.We define critical raw materials as all raw materials that could potentially involve a supply risk or reputational risk, for example, conflict minerals and renewable raw materials, including palm oil. We have established special procurement strategies for these critical raw materials. The processes are integrated into a management system, where they are mapped.


With our efficient purchasing organisation, we ensure the long-term supply of necessary raw materials and at the same time generate competitive advantages for our operational business.


Harmonizing global standards in the supply chain creates transparency and makes it easier for both suppliers and customers to reliably assess and evaluate sustainability performance. The chemical industry set up the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative for this purpose in 2011. Evonik is one of the six founding members of this initiative. The aim of TfS is the joint development and implementation of a global assessment and audit program for responsible procurement of goods and services. As well as helping to make environmental and social standards measurable, TfS contributes to improving them.


We source a wide range of different raw materials due to our extensive product portfolio. We have implemented strategic procurement concepts and management systems for raw materials whose availability is essential for our production processes.