Value Chain & Products

Supply Chain Management

The aim of our procurement organization is to guarantee long-term reliability of supply for the production of Evonik products and to secure competitive advantages for our operating businesses.


Procurement is organized globally at Evonik and comprises direct procurement (raw materials, logistics, and packaging) and indirect procurement (general and technical goods and services). Both are subdivided into strategic and operational procurement activities. Global procurement is managed from Germany, with the support of regional units in Asia and in North and South America.

Validation and evaluation of suppliers

We expect our suppliers to share our principles and to act correctly in all respects, which means accepting responsibility towards their employees, business partners, society, and the environment. Validation is the first step in every new supply relationship. For this purpose, we use a validation process based on the values defined in our code of conduct for suppliers. Alongside quality, environmental protection, safety, health, and energy management, the assessment of potential risk factors includes corruption prevention, cybersecurity, labor and social standards (the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining), human rights (compulsory, forced, or child labor), conflict minerals, and responsibility within the supply chain. All details are entered online and evaluated using a validation matrix. At present, this takes account of the country-specific situation, not individual operations. All suppliers are informed about corruption prevention and the related measures in our code of conduct for suppliers and our general terms and conditions of purchase. In 2020, we
evaluated approximately 2,000 new suppliers. That was over 90 percent of new suppliers. There are plans to revise the code of conduct for suppliers in 2021, because we expect greater transparency from our suppliers at all stages in the value chain in the future.

Successfully completed TfS assessments can also be used as evidence of validation. Overall, suppliers are evaluated using a method that identifies and quantifies risk factors. The aim is to safeguard the supply of raw materials and technical goods to Evonik and gain access to new procurement markets and suppliers. In the reporting period, TfS assessments were performed on 163 new suppliers of raw materials, technical goods, and services. We apply the same care to the evaluation of existing relationships with suppliers. Strategic suppliers are examined regularly as a basis for initiating improvements where necessary. To minimize the risk to Evonik, as part of our management of contractors, evidence, and self-assessments on compliance with the relevant German legislation were obtained and evaluated.


  • 100 percent of all raw materials suppliers where annual procurement volume is >€100 thousand to be covered by TfS assessments by year-end 2025