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Personal Care
October 26, 2012

TEGO® Stemlastin: Delaying chronological aging

During the chronological aging process epidermal skin stem cells become less effective, meaning that the renewing and repairing activity of the epidermis is reduced. Additionally, less and less plastic fibers are synthesized which induces a progressive loss of skin elasticity.

To reduce the signs of chronological aging Evonik launches TEGO® Stemlastin which will also be presented at the IFSCC Congress 2012. TEGO® Stemlastin protects and maintains epidermal stem cell capacity and boosts elastic fiber network. This latest active is based on a standardized extract of the micro algae Cyanidium caldarium which is produced in a natural, eco-friendly way.

The algae Cyanidium caldarium is able to survive under extreme environmental conditions. Therefore, the extract delivers a special intracellular composition of extremolytes like mineral nutrients, amino acids, algae polyphenols and is enriched in gamma amino butyric acid (GABA). Various in vitro studies have shown that TEGO® Stemlastin on the one hand protects and maintains epidermal stem cell capacity for rejuvenated skin activity. On the other hand, it boosts elastic fibers leading to highly supple skin and reduction of skin elasticity fatigue. Extended in vivo studies have confirmed that TEGO® Stemlastin leads to improved skin elasticity and diminished wrinkle formation, especially manifested in visible reduction of crow-feet.

Through its combined activity on epidermal stem cells and elastic fibers, TEGO® Stemlastin clearly retains a youthful appearance and reduces the signs of chronological aging.

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