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Applying skin cream is a daily ritual to feel refreshed and well-groomed, but it is not entirely risk-free – given the numerous germs living on our fingers. The use of preservatives is essential to prevent any hazard to humans and cosmetic products. These substances are the expertise of the Evonik brand Dr. Straetmans.

Bacteria are everywhere. Not all are bad, but some can cause changes in the cream, skin rashes or even conjunctivitis. “We can’t stop them from getting into a product,” says Manuela Salmina-Petersen, the head of Application Technology at Evonik Dr. Straetmans, “but we can add antimicrobial substances to keep bacteria from spreading and to kill them off.”

Dr. Straetmans was established when the first criticism of a few conventional preservatives pointed out possible health effects in the 1980s. The Hamburg-based company became a pioneer in the cosmetics market and was among the first to offer alternatives. To this day, the work of Evonik Dr. Straetmans is characterized by the pursuit of sustainability and the responsibility for humans and nature – especially when it comes to producing and stabilizing cosmetics naturally.

This concept has been a rapidly growing success story. While the company’s founder almost single-handedly conducted research from home, the entity now employs around 70 people to develop innovative solutions for the cosmetics industry.

Evonik Dr. Straetmans strives to find an individual solution for every customer. “We can use our raw materials in many different combinations that are specifically tailored to a product or an application area,” explains Salmina-Petersen. “This allows us to use smaller quantities in some cases, which ultimately also reduces the risk of allergies,” she adds, addressing a topic that is of particular relevance in the cosmetics market at the moment. A growing number of customers is placing high demands on ingredients and the safety of their care products.

At the in-cosmetics tradeshow in Paris, the Evonik brand Dr. Straetmans presented two antioxidants that offer improved oxidation protection: dermofeel® TocoBalance contains a blend of natural tocopherols from rapekernel oil that effectively protects both the skin and the oxidizable components of cosmetic formulations. In contrast, dermofeel® TocoSkin, made from natural sunflower oil, is particularly rich in alpha-tocopherols and ideally formulated to protect the skin against oxidative stress. Both antioxidants are suitable for use in certified natural cosmetics.

Learn more in our video
Learn more in our video