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Turning wind into energy with products from Evonik

Renewable energies are the key to sustainable power generation and wind energy plays an integral role in our clean energy future. We talked with politicians, associations, universities, our customers and other leading wind energy experts from across the globe to show the goals, needs, benefits and challenges of delivering affordable, reliable and sustainable wind energy for all.

At Evonik we are proud to help turn wind into clean energy and contribute to a more sustainable future. We've teamed up with leading experts across the globe to highlight how renewable wind energy will change our future.

Our high-performance products play a prominent role in the production of durable rotor blades by improving robustness, prolonging life cycles and reducing downtime and maintenance costs to improve the efficiency of wind turbine performance.  Our innovative soltutions make an important contribution to more sustainable energy production around the world.

Protection against salt and sand

NANOPOL® nanoparticles protect rotor blades against salt and sand. This protection pays off for wind farm operators as it takes two days to replace an offshore rotor blade at sea. 

robust and long-lasting

VESTAMIN® is a crosslinking agent for liquid epoxy resins developed to help make wind turbine rotor blades extremely robust and long-lasting by protecting them from the strong winds and rain, especially the aggressive salty water at offshore wind farms. 

lightweight construction

VISOMER® methacrylate monomers are widely used for lightweight construction in polymer composites as reactive diluents and crosslinkers for polymer synthesis. Their energy-saving and strong performance plays an integral role in modern wind blade production. 

lighter blades

ROHACRYL™ has been specifically designed for liquid-resin-infusion. The lower resin up-take enables significantly lighter wind turbine blades, which help to lower turbine loads at wind power facilities. Shorter curing times and extended blade life  also help to reduce production costs, helping to deliver more affordable energy.

Tougher and more powerful components

Modified resins such as NANOPOX®, NANOCRYL®, ALBIDUR®, ALBIPOX® and ALBIFLEX® enable state-of-the-art process technologies like resin infusion, RTM, or resin injection for the design of tougher, more powerful and longer lasting components for modular wind blade and rotor production. 


Our message is clear: Together, as an industry we can turn wind into energy for a more sustainable today and tomorrow.