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For superb aesthetics and low emission values, discover Evonik's modified polyamine curing agents for durable floor coatings.

"Turn up the music, let's get out on the floor", as the hit song by German music act Cascada says. When the beats roar out of the speakers and people are gripped by Saturday's night dance fever, the surfaces of the dancefloors all around the world face a hard time: The flooring not only has to withstand high mechanical stress and hide scuffs, wear and tear, it also must be resistant to water and other spots of liquids that are frequently spilled. At the same time, in many cases a decorative appearance and design is also required. What is it about a (dance) floor sparkling in metallic colors under the spotlights?

Floors in special environments like in schools, kindergarten, hospitals or – as in the example above – in entertainment venues have to cope with a lot of “action”. High strength epoxy floor coatings stand up to the task. Widely used for their excellent strength and durability, epoxy systems are one of the most versatile floor coatings on the market for industrial, commercial, and even modern residential spaces and can be tailored to many different types of conditions and needs.

For developers and manufacturers of industrial coatings who are looking for a floor coating system that combines high mechanical resistance with superb aesthetics, Evonik's Crosslinkers business line has developed its latest curing agent, Ancamine® 2802. A modified polyamine intended for use as a curing agent for diluted liquid epoxy resin at ambient temperature application, Ancamine® 2802 enables floor coating systems with a unique combination of high resilience (strength) and excellent yellowing resistance (aesthetics). In addition, Ancamine® 2802 allows for zero volatile organic component (VOC) coating and flooring formulations with low emissions during service life.

Do you need more speed in the curing process? For this, Evonik also offers Ancamine® 2739, a curing agent for fast cure coatings at ambient and low temperatures down to 10°Celsius, with a high resistance to carbamation and water spotting, as well as to high mechanical and chemical stresses. Ancamine® 2739 further delivers excellent aesthetics and supports low emission applications. Perfect for a nightclub!

In short: Evonik's curing agents Ancamine® 2802 and Ancamine® 2739 are the perfect choice for floors that need to endure a lot and look great – low emission values included!

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Mechanical strength, durability, chemical resistance and excellent solubility and adhesion properties – Evonik´s business line Crosslinkers offers tailor-made solutions for customers all over the world. As a raw material supplier, we have a profound understanding of the needs of our customers and their unique markets. Our range of products and expertise generates added value in a number of areas: from coatings and adhesives to civil engineering, high-performance elastomers and composites.

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