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Well warmed in winter

In winter, a thick jacket, scarf, hat and gloves keep us warm. Our home is protected from freezing temperatures by the high-performance thermal insulation material CALOSTAT® from Evonik.

When it's freezing outside we want to be comfortably warm in our homes, but we don't want to be surprised by a skyrocketing heating bill. CALOSTAT® from Evonik offers the solution for a warm and at the same time energy-saving home. The insulating material's consistently very low thermal conductivity keeps the cold out and thus prevents from shivering hands, cold feet, and high heating costs. If it conducts less heat, the home is better insulated.

In addition, the material combines previously incompatible properties in insulation. "No more compromises are necessary, because CALOSTAT® insulates outstandingly well, is non-combustible, durable, and recyclable," says Frank Gmach, Marketing Thermal Insulation at Evonik. The material not only impresses with its low thermal conductivity, but also combines many other advantages, such as space, safety, and sustainability.

Space-saving and safe

The high-performance insulating material is produced on the basis of silicon dioxide, which Evonik manufactures itself and has optimized for use as an insulating material. It is currently offered in the form of various board variants and can be installed in facades, interior insulation, ceilings, roofs, or even individual building elements. CALOSTAT® can also be used to insulate difficult spots such as in dormers or roller shutter boxes.
Together with partners from the construction industry, Evonik has developed thin panels that enable 50 percent thinner insulation.
CALOSTAT® insulation panels are also permeable to water vapor, but still do not absorb liquid water. This protects the high-performance insulation material from damage by water and makes it durable. The insulation material also offers protection against fire, as the material is non-combustible. That is why it is classified as class A building material, making it a special material in the construction industry.

100 percent recyclable

CALOSTAT® also stands out in terms of sustainability. The material is harmless to people and nature. In addition, the insulation boards can be easily removed from the buildings and reused according to the motto "From old to new". If this is not possible due to the dimensions, the material can be used elsewhere, for example as a core in vacuum insulation panels. Its good recyclability and energy-saving potential make this high-performance insulation material one of the most sustainable on the market.

And when temperatures rise in summer and we sweat instead of freezing, CALOSTAT® provides pleasant coolness within our own four walls – without the need for air conditioning.

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