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Winner of multiple awards: high-performance insulation CALOSTAT® Sandwich

Since its introduction at the BAU 2018 trade show, the new CALOSTAT® Sandwich insulation panel from Evonik has won over many planners and builders. Last year, the innovation has also generated enthusiasm among experts on juries for a number of prestigious awards: the Gold Prize for the German Innovation Award in the Construction Materials category, “Best Product of 2020” from the Callwey Verlag architectural publishing house, the 2020 materialPREIS from raumPROBE, nominations for Germany’s Federal Eco-Design Award, the Sustainability Hero and the Product Award from Detail magazine, and the winner of the 2021 German Design Award in the Eco-Design category. The reason is clear: CALOSTAT® Sandwich is uncompromisingly good.

In politics, good compromises are the pinnacle of the art of diplomacy. They’re often difficult to reach, require concessions, and frequently cost a lot of money - but, ideally, everyone is satisfied in the end. People who have to make compromises in construction projects are rarely satisfied. After all, compromises in this field are often unsatisfactory and ultimately represent the second-best solution (if they are any solution at all). Building insulation, in particular, routinely results in situations that pose a dilemma for builders and construction firms: not enough space is available for the degree of insulation needed. The problem becomes even trickier when fire safety and environmental questions enter the equation. This is how otherwise well-insulated buildings can end up with several spots where unfortunate compromises have to be made. The one good solution often fails for lack of good insulating materials.

That has changed. By creating CALOSTAT® Sandwich, Evonik has developed a class of insulating panels that close the last remaining gap in the insulation materials landscape. Compromises are now a thing of the past, because CALOSTAT® Sandwich has outstanding insulating properties, and is non-combustible, long-lasting, and recyclable. The innovation from Evonik’s mineral insulation team does this by combining different materials. Its excellent insulating properties are delivered by a core made from high-performance CALOSTAT® Pure insulation. Outer layers consisting of specialized, high-quality mineral wool, of nonwoven glass fiber, or of a combination of both make the product robust and easy to install and plaster on site.
Working with an eye to the cradle-to-cradle concept for reusable products was extremely important, right from the beginning of development. The materials are bound together mechanically by means of what is known as tufting - a method also used in carpet manufacturing - to create a bond that is strong but that can be undone after use. This means that the product can be separated into mono-materials - one of the key requirements for material recycling.

The strengths of CALOSTAT® Sandwich are most apparent in locations where space is limited (or expensive) and where fire resistance and tensile strength are required: insulation between rafters, in tight spaces behind boxes for roller shutters or venetian blinds, behind downspouts, along dormers, or in double-layer brick walls. In northern Germany, CALOSTAT® Sandwich was recently used for insulating brick buildings. This allows builders to meet historic preservation guidelines when insulating historic structures made from the red bricks so typical of the region’s landscape. CALOSTAT® Sandwich has already been used as an insulating panel behind ventilated curtain walls (VCWs) and is planned for more of these projects as well. VCWs are frequently installed in commercial high rises. Being able to save space in the facade is extremely useful, especially in inner city locations where every square meter of space can be sold or rented. CALOSTAT® Sandwich can be applied across the board here, just as any traditional insulation - except that it’s fire-proof and much thinner.

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