Investor Relations
5. Juli 2013

Vivawest und THS mit neuer stabiler Eigentümerstruktur (Factsheet)*

Analyst & Investor Fact Sheet
Real Estate Transaction


  • Combination of Vivawest GmbH and THS GmbH in a new legal structure signed on July 05, 2013 
  • Reduction of Evonik’s stake to 10.9% in the combined entity as a result of disposals of the shareholding 
  • Transaction structure and valuation principally unchanged compared to communication in March 2013 
  • Equity valuation for the combined entity Vivawest is €3,030 million 
  • Closing of the transaction expected in Q3 2013 
  • Evonik intends to use the proceeds predominantly to finance internal and external growth


Transaction structure in detail

Execution of already agreed step plan: 

  • First step: extra dividend of €650 million by Vivawest to Evonik completed, of which € 200 million made available as loan under market conditions to be repaid at the latest by 2015. 
  • Second step: Combination of Vivawest and THS signed, leads to shareholdings of 73.2% of Evonik and 26.8% of IG BCE/VTG in the combined entity (“Vivawest”)
  • Third step: Reduction of Evonik’s stake from 73.2% to 10.9% signed: 
    • Sale of 30% stake to RAG-Stiftung at a purchase price of €909 million
    • Transfer of 25% stake with a value of €758 million to CTA (Contractual Trust Arrangement) to fund Evonik’s pension obligations 
    • Sale of 7.3% stake to RAG at a purchase price of €220 million 
  • Minor adaption of transaction structure to reflect most recent changes in tax law: 
    • RAG to acquire 5,1% stake in THS ahead of combination of Vivawest and THS
    • Sale of 7.3% stake to RAG in Vivawest instead of 10%
    • Remaining Evonik stake of 10.9% in Vivawest instead of around 8.3% 
  • Evonik intends to divest the remaining 10.9% stake in Vivawest in the medium term to long-term oriented shareholders


Impact on balance sheet

  • Divestment of real estate business will result in a decrease in Evonik’s indebtedness of approximately €3.1 billion (compared to end of FY 2012) as a result of: 
    • Cash inflows of approximately €1.8 billion in total, thereof €1.6 billion in Q3 2013 and €0.2 billion at the latest by 2015 (related to the granted loan of €200 million in connection with the €650 million extra dividend from Vivawest to Evonik)
    • Reduction in pension provisions of €0.75 billion due to the contribution to the CTA (will materialize in the financial statements of Q3 2013)
    • Additional reduction of net debt by €0.6 billion (net financial debt and pension obligations of Vivawest), already included in Q1 2013 balance sheet (Real Estate as discontinued operations)
  • Minor adaption of transaction structure (as described above) leads to a €0.1 billion lower cash inflow in Q3 2013 (€3.1 billion instead of €3.2 billion). However, at the same time Evonik’s remaining stake in Vivawest is 10.9% instead of 8.3%.


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