A step closer to the paperless laboratory

A new electronic laboratory notebook will facilitate the securing and exchange of research results within the Group.

Digitalization is coming to the Evonik labs: An electronic lab notebook is being tested as part of a pilot project with 60 participants. The advantages: Using the new software, documentation and call-up of research results is now easier and more efficient than before. Sharing of the results in cooperation projects between Evonik units is possible - as is the integration of numerous lab devices. This secures the know-how for Evonik over the long term. Innovations can now occur faster because barriers are reduced. For example, the administration burden on Evonik scientists is significantly reduced as a result of greater efficiency in planning, implementation, resource administration, and documentation. By sharing results via the software, the scientists can learn from the research results of their colleagues and can exchange notes and opinions quite easily. An electronic workflow also reduces the volume of paper.

"As an innovative specialty chemicals company, we must also be leaders in lab software. We want to ensure this leadership position with the new Evonik Smart Lab electronic lab notebook,” says Dr. Ulrich Küsthardt, Chief Innovation Officer at Evonik. To enable targeted use in the test, test users adapted the software to the diverse lab types at workshops in Essen, Marl, Hanau, Piscataway and Allentown. If the test users’ verdict on the Evonik Smart Lab is positive, the software will be rolled out to the Evonik labs from 2018.