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Berries for our health

The dietary supplement MEDOX® is available to German customers via the new webshop.

The online store was developed by Evonik Digital and Health Care Business Line to promote digital B2C businesses in Germany.

Dietary supplements are an important growth market for the Health Care Business Line. “More and more people wish to actively manage and safeguard their health. Our aim is to support this trend by offering high quality products, which are based on natural ingredients with scientifically proven health benefits”, says Dr. Thomas Hermann, Head of the Product Line Pharma & Food Ingredients.

In early 2017, Evonik successfully launched the anthocyanin-rich berry extract in Sweden, followed by China in the summer. Dr. Catharina Müller-Buschbaum, managing director of Evonik Digital GmbH, explains the strategic thinking: “E-commerce is central to Evonik Digital’s activities. Hand-in-hand with the Health Care Business Line, we are not just addressing the sale of MEDOX® to the German consumer market, we are also gaining hands-on experience of direct online sales and establishing the basis for broader activities in this field.”

The efforts to implement an online store were supported by Communicode, a digital solutions agency based in Essen, North-Rhine Westphalia. The agency is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the platform. The experts from business line Health Care provided support for product positioning. MEDOX® is available to German consumers by means of subscription, with personalization options.

Evonik acquired MedPalett AS, the Norwegian-based manufacturer of MEDOX®, in the spring of 2016. The product was initially only sold in Norway. MEDOX® is a dietary supplement made from Scandinavian bilberries and New Zealand black currants. Each capsule contains up to 80 milligrams of anthocyanins – flavonoids known to be natural antioxidants. A large number of international studies has demonstrated their diverse health benefits. For example, they have been shown to have a positive impact on blood vessel elasticity, the cardiovascular system, glucose metabolism and eye health.

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