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Brilliant prospects make metal and wood coatings shine

Varnishes lend a refined touch to metal and wood coatings. VESTANAT® E 95 from Evonik helps the paints and coating industry formulate varnishes that suit professional and DIY applications alike.

Door and window frames, radiators, and wood furnishings all have one thing in common: when metal and wood coatings need a fresh, new look, the elegant brilliance of varnishes lends a refined touch that will enhance any home. Low-solvent, one-component varnishes are particularly good for home and interior applications. In addition to their neutral odor and environmental impact, they are also convenient products for do-it-yourself projects — ready-to-use straight from the can. And DIYers are more than just a small segment of the population, in fact, according to a statistic, global sales of DIY and home improvement products in 2018 were around 594 billion euros, and the trend is rising (Source: Statista).

VESTANAT® E 95, a new silane/polyurethane hybrid crosslinker from Evonik’s Crosslinkers business line, allows its customers in the paints and coatings industry to formulate exceptionally powerful yet low-emission, one-component varnishes suitable for use in professional and non-professional applications alike.

Coatings formulated with VESTANAT® E 95 are very easy to work with: they cure at room temperature and are dry within just one hour, making them ready for use in a short period of time. Coatings containing the new hybrid crosslinker also exhibit excellent scratch resistance and considerable elasticity — gone are the days of handling finishes with kid gloves.

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