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Thousands of cars cross the 18-kilometer Storebaelt Bridge each day. In addition to that strain, Europe’s longest suspension bridge also has to withstand the elements, which is why Evonik protects its pylons.

Bridges in Denmark, parking garages in New York, and container terminals in Belgium all struggle against the same adversary: moisture. The porous structures of sandstone, brick, and concrete are especially susceptible to penetration of the masonry by water and pollutants, and if the moisture inside freezes, it will expand and produce cracks. Also, when water penetrates concrete, the interior steel reinforcements will rust, producing structural damage and jeopardizing stability. Protectosil®, a building protection agent from Evonik, can help.

The force behind this process consists of functional silanes that can be tailored to any kind of weather and any kind of material. These silanes penetrate deep into construction materials, where they prevent moisture from being absorbed. At the same time, they also allow moisture to escape, just as modern athletic clothing does. Treated surfaces also repel oil, remain stable in the presence of UV light, and, on top of all that, provide an effective barrier to graffiti. Evonik also offers special versions of its products that are virtually free of volatile organic compounds.

In addition to the Storebaelt Bridge and the Chancellor’s Office in Berlin, Evonik silanes have protected other buildings throughout the world over the course of the past few decades, including the Sydney Opera House, the Louvre in Paris, sidewalks in Times Square in New York City, and Princeton University in the US state of New Jersey.

Protectosil® makes bridges stabler

Did you know that worldwide many highway bridges are in need of renewal? Taking Germany as example Evonik's building protection experts offer te right product solution, preventing damage through corrosion right from the start of construction. Learn more in the video (please select English subtitles).

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