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Caring for tattoos

According to a study conducted by the GfK consumer research company, almost one in ten Germans have tattoos. In the USA, one in every five adults has a tattoo. Tattooed skin needs special protection. Evonik has the right recipe

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is reputed to have several. Heidi Klum and Adele definitely have them. In the past, tattoos decorated only the skins of sailors and prisoners, but nowadays they’re also popular among celebrities and office workers alike. Unlike the disreputable tattoo wearers of the past, today’s hipsters value healthy and well-tended skin. They want their body adornments to look good for a long time without any unpleasant side effects. Evonik’s products and know-how give them soothing support.

The Personal Care Business Line in the Nutrition & Care Segment has developed formulations that are used in seven care products for tattooed skin. The components of these formulations are also used in other cosmetic products. With the help of these components, the skin recovers quickly, is moisturized, and does not suffer from inflammation or irritation. The formulations contain a variety of active ingredients, such as SPHINGOKINE NP, SKINMIMICS, LACTIL, SK-INFLUX V, TEGO Natural Betaine, the plant extract TEGO Turmerone, mild surfactants, emollients, and emulsifiers such as TEGO Care PBS 6, which was recently launched on the market.

These formulations have many areas of application. Before the needle goes in, products from Personal Care make the skin taut and stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis. The products can be used in lotions, for example. After tattooing, these products provide natural moisture and strengthen or restore the protective skin barrier. Raw materials from Personal Care make the skin’s surface more even so that the tattoo is more visible, and they help to preserve the tattoos and their colors—an important factor if the skin is exposed to lots of sun. And people who later regret their tattoos can use camouflage makeup before important meetings.

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